Some of Our Work

This is a selction of our work. It does not cover everything but it does give you a good idea of our design styles and technologies used in our websites.


Give your website the host it deserves. You wouldn’t park your Ferrari in an old shed for no one to see, so don’t just drop your website onto a server obscured in another country. Get an Australian IP address and server for your website with us!

We only use quality web servers in established data-centers. We can provision you with space on Australian servers with an Aussie IP address. This will help raise your profile with the popular search engines.


At BlackBox3 we like to think that all our customers are very satisfied with the work provided. However, every now and again we get some good feedback. Check it out below.

Stephen Hill
Small Business Owner

Very happy with the service provided. Timely and got the job done.

Mick Barber
Small Business Owner

I am very fussy when it comes to how things should look. BlackBox looked after my needs perfectly.

Jessica Timms

The knowledge and experience that BlackBox provided in the way of web design was a game changer for us.


BB3 will listen to your ideas in a confidential and secure manor. We are happy to prepare and sign NDA's as required to ensure piece of mind for our customers.


BB3 will ensure that your ideas are functional, plausible and compatible. By conducting thorough research, proper budget/costings analysis can then be conducted.


BB3 will work with the client to setup a Development timeline, Deployment Schedules, Test Schedules and a Review Schedule as required by the client.